About Us

We invite you to dive with us, Steve & Jan at Dupin Dive​

Dive Centre in Korcula

The Dupin Dive Centre is owned and run by Steve and Jan Collett.

Steve is an experienced commercial diver, BSAC Advanced Diver (3*) and Advanced Instructor (3*) and was a qualified S.A.D.S. with many years experience including 11 years running a UK charter boat.

Jan started diving with the Gosport & Fareham Sub-Aqua Club, Hampshire in 1982 and became a BSAC Advanced Diver (3*) and Open Water Instructor (2*).

Steve first went to Korcula to start the business in 2000 and opened the diving centre in May 2001.

Jan and the rest of the family joined Steve in the summer of 2002, when they brought a ‘building site’ called a house on the island, which they are presently renovating.

Before moving to Korcula, Steve and Jan owned and ran the dive charter boat ‘Hero’ out of Gosport , Hampshire around the Isle of Wight area for 11 years.

Find more information on the British Sub-Aqua Club at www.bsac.com

For trip reports check the BSAC web site and also www.taucher.net