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Korcula, Croatia

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Generally, there is a good variety of marine life, typically consisting of Scorpion, Damsels, Wrasse, Bream, Gobies, etc. with plenty of colourful sponges and both soft and hard corals, various species of Nudibranchia and lots of Urchins spiny and otherwise.


The following is a small selection of the sites available.

Wreck of the ‘Boca’ sunk after running aground on Pelješac in the Bay of Zaliv Trstenica in 1984. It now lies in shallow water with the bows in 5 m and under the stern at 12 m. The wreck although it has been salvaged, there is still plenty to see with the two propellers, main and spare, with large sections intact, enabling some swim throughs. With an abundance and variety of marine life colonising this artificial reef.

Wreck of the ‘Garda’, an old steamship sunk on the south side of the island. Lies in 23 m on a sandy seabed making this a very light dive. The wreck is now very flat, but hiding a good variety of marine life under the plates and is well worth a rummage.

Point Kneže, a sloping wall of rocks with some recognizable pieces of terracotta amphora leading into a small sandy bay with a vertical wall and a very colourful cavern. Look out for the ‘Silver Rain’.

Islands of Sestrica, rocky reefs from 6 m down to 18 m. There are plenty of crevices and holes with an abundance of life. This site also makes for a good night dive.

Point Ražnjić, at the eastern tip of the island. A ledge starting at 5 m to 8 m and onto a wall down to just over 30 m. This site also has a short canyon and a 13th Century anchor approx. 2.5 m long. On the wall down from 12 m is a curtain of Orange Gorgonian (Fan Coral).

Island of Majsan. A rocky reef at 8 m with a wall going down to 32 m with 13th Century anchors.

Duba, East and West. Wall dives, the East is over rocky ledges from 6 m down to over 30 m and the West drops down to 35 m. with Amphora wedged into the rocks. These two sites are either side of the Bay of Duba, Pelješac.

The island of Veli Kneža in the Pelješac canal offers a gentle wall dive down to 30m. There is also some nice pieces Amphora wedged into the rocks.

The island of Lučnjak, gently sloping over sand bottom from 10 m down to 27 m with a vertical wall down to 35 m covered in marine growth of fan corals, sponges and a abundance of marine life.

A Cavern on the south side of the island at the entrance to the Bay of Orlandusa. Rocky ledges from 8 m and wall down to 35m+ and a cavern at the end of a short canyon with the entrance to the cave at 18m rising inside to the surface.

Final dive Ocean Dive course - Zaliv Trstenica, Pelješac, wreck 'Boka'

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